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Specialty Aluminas

DAI produces a number of specialty aluminas that deal with PCB removal, pyrogen removal, purifying separating and product formulations in the radioactive field, solvent purification, pilot and process, gas and liquid dehydration, removal of lead and heavy metals from water, scavenger alumina for impurities, decolorization, and removal of arsenic from water, among other things.

Alumina C (for PCB Removal)

Alumina C is a chemically and physically modified alumina for the analysis and removal of PCB’s. This material has wide use and application in/for:

  • Analysis

  • Environmental Clean-Up

  • Solvent Purification

  • Electric Utilities: Transformer Oil

  • Soil run off, Water Studies

Alumina for Dioxin Analysis

AL 5788 has been developed for doing dioxin analysis. It is a 50200 micron particle.

Alumlna for Solvent Purification

Alumina is an ideal media for many solvent clean-up applications

Alumina for Pilot and Process

Based on DAI's expertise, aluminas can be produced according to customer’s specifications. They are used for batch processes as well as for production size chromatography. (Please request information and technical assistance.)

DRYSPHERE™ Desiccant For Gas And Liquid Dehydration

Drysphere™ is new high technology, dust-free, spherical activated alumina manufactured and designed to optimize Desiccant performance.


  • Dehydration of solvents

  • Dry Gases and Liquids, Gases: CO2, Acetylene, Air, Argon, Ethylene, Helium, Hydrogen, N2, O2, etc.

  • Liquids: Benzene, CCl4, Ethylacetate, Hexane, Oil, Pentane, Transformer oils, Xylene, etc.

  • Dehydrate acidic gases and liquids without softening or breakage.

More info

AL 2000 - For Removal of Lead from Water

AL 2000 is a large particle (+200 micron) specially modified, chemically treated alumina that has been designed for the removal of metal ions, especially dissolved lead and other cations from water.

AL 2100 -Scavenger Alumina for Process Clean-up

Scavenger activated alumina is used for process scale removal of impurities. Its high macroporosity improves diffusion rates and the high surface area provides enhanced capacity.

AL 2300 - For Bio-Mass Clean-up

AL 2300 is designed for removing bio-mass in nutraceutical or natural product purification.

AL 5000 for Removal of LEAD and other Heavy Metals from Water

AL 5000 is a +50 micron spheriodal alumina that can readily remove Lead and other heavy metals from Water. Metal Cation selectivity is Fe III> Cr III> Al III> Pb> Ag II> Zn II> Co II> Cd II.

AL 5005 for Decolorization

AL 5005 is a 50 micron spheroidal, macroporous high surface area, high performance alumina, for the removal of color, dyes, and clean-up of water.

Alumina P for Pyrogen Removal

This material was developed specifically for the removal of Pyrogens in solution. Pyrogens are typically complex carbohydrates which preferentially sorb to Alumina P. Ideal for anti-biotic production and other types of bio-technology products.

Alumina R

Alumina R is an alumina which is used for purifying, separating, and product formulations in the radio-active field; used for the production of various generators where one isotope is retained while the other is eluted. Mainly its improved exchange properties and the constant elution behavior will contribute to its reliability.

AL 5500 for Arsenic Removal from Water

AL 5500 is a specific macropore designed for the removal of arsenic from water or air vapor. Ideal for run-off water contaminated with arsenic.

AL 5900 Activated Wide-Pore Aluminas

Wide-Pore aluminas are available in various pore sizes up to amacropore of 1000Å. Ideal for Biotechnology, environmental, and petroleum uses.

General Alumina Products | Specialty Aluminas | DynaFLASHTM  | DrysphereTM
Recommended Alumina for Applications | Deactivation Protocols | Shop Alumina Online

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