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Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.'s alumina for chromatography has contributed to the continued growing use of this material, in a diverse number of applications. Aluminas are unique products; e.g., Super I, Std Act I, etc: High activity alumina can be used for polar samples in nonpolar solvents, and for the purification of solvents. Lower activities of alumina can readily be obtained by the addition of polar media, especially water. Thus, each problem can be resolved via the adjustment of the sorption system, as required for each problem.

DAI produces a number of specialty aluminas that deal with PCB removal, pyrogen removal, purifying separating and product formulations in the radioactive field, solvent purification, pilot and process, gas and liquid dehydration, removal of lead and heavy metals from water, scavenger alumina for impurities, decolorization, and removal of arsenic from water, among other things.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. aluminas are manufactured and Quality Assured providing world class laboratory and pilot Process chromatographic materials. We control the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product, unique in our industry.

We carefully control the physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior for:

k' - uniform capacity
• - reproducible selectivity
RS- improved resolution
N - excellent performance

Careful attention is paid to quality control procedures reproducible performance regardless of the technique used, especially when transferring from one technique to another.

General alumina products include the following:

Super Activity I

Super Activity I aluminas are unique as DAI's products; they provide twice the capacity compared to Standard Activity l; Surface modifications available are, "A" (Acid), "B" (Basic), and "N" (Neutral). Super Activity I aluminas constitute the starting material for the Dynamic Adsorbents line of aluminas. A special feature of Super Activity I is absolutely constant deactivation behavior which is valid for the deactivation process as well as when in contact with the chromatographic solvent.

Symbols of test dyes on thedeactivation curves:

  • AB Azobenzene

  • MAB Methoxy azobenzene

  • SY Sudan yellow

  • SR Sudan red

  • AAB p-amino azobenzene

  • HAB p-hydroxy azobenzene

Alumina Standard Activity I

Alumina Standard Activity I (Act l) is available with multiple surface modifications, A, B, and N, that facilitate the separation of a wide range of compounds. In addition to pH, the activity of the surface of Alumina can mediate the separation. Adjusting the activity can be altered by simply changing the water content of the alumina. (Alternatively; other polar media can replace the water.)
Use high activity alumina (Std Act I, Super Act l) for the separation of polar samples in nonpolar solvent systems ....and for the purification of solvents. (see chart to the right)
Use lower activity alumina for less polar samples. (See Deactivation Protocols in catalog)

DCC (Dry Column Chromatography) Alumina

DCC - Dry column chromatography is a versatile Prep LC method that bridges the gap between analytical TLC and preparative column chromatography. (Request DCC Application Guide)

“Flash” Chromatography Alumina

Flash chromatography is a rapid Prep LC technique that facilitates the separation of 0.1-10g of material via simple economical laboratory protocols. (Request “Flash” Application Guide) 40 micron Flash grade is available in both bottles and drums.

Alumina Activity II, III

Alumina II - III sorbents are economical adsorbents of medium activity. Use this material for general purpose scouting and in cases where the use of carbon black is precluded due to its organic nature. Also, use Alumina II - III as a replacement for organic/polymeric ion exchangers, especially when it is necessary to overcome temperature and radiation cleavage problems.

General Alumina Products | Specialty Aluminas | DynaFLASHTM  | DrysphereTM
Recommended Alumina for Applications | Deactivation Protocols | Shop Alumina Online

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