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DAIís alumina can be used for pharmaceutical, industrial, biohazard, bioterrorism, research, toxic waste, environmental cleanup, gas and liquid dehydration applications. They can be used to remove: PCBs, insecticides, radioactive contamination, lead, toxic waste, heavy metal, colors or dyes, and pyrogens.

Specific applications include:

  • PCB removal
  • Dioxin analysis
  • Solvent purification
  • Pilot and process
  • Gas and liquid dehydration
  • Lead and heavy metals removal from water
  • Process scale removal of impurities
  • Bio-mass cleanup
  • Decolorization
  • Pyrogen removal
  • Purifying, separating and product formulations in the radioactive field
  • Arsenic removal from water

Typical chromatography uses of alumina include:

  • Isolation from alkaloids
  • Isolation and purification of antibiotics
  • Removal of terpenes from essential oils
  • Isolation of active substances in plant extraction
  • Dehydration of organic solvents
  • Purification of enzymes
  • Isolation in glycosides
  • Lead removal from water
  • Isolation and purification of synthetic products, of ketosteroids from neutral materials with hormones
  • Purification of organic solvents for analytical and technical purposes
  • Clarification of fatty oils and separation of fatty acids
  • PCB removal from solvents
  • Removal of peroxides form organic solvents
  • Removal of pyrogens from injectable solutions and infusions
  • Various medicinal extracts from plants


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