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Why DAI Alumina   

Why Dynamic Adsorbents (DAI) Over Other Companies?

Alumina has proven to be the most effective sorbent available for adsorption chromatography.

The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to alumina. Literally, not figuratively. For over 30 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for separation technologies.

Dynamic Adsorbents is the only company offering a comprehensive range of high quality alumina and silica gel products that are superior to anything in the marketplace and can handle a much wider range of applications.

DAI Advantages

  • 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Innovators in the use of alumina, playing a major role in how alumina has and is being used.
  • Offers widest range of silica gel and alumina in the industry
  • Highest levels of quality control in the industry
  • Maintains high inventory of silica and alumina allowing 24 hour shipping in most instances.
  • Because transactions are in US dollars, DAI can offer competitive pricing for global demand
  • Customized product for the unique application of the consumer
  • Aggressive pricing.

DAI Alumina Advantages

  • DAI is an innovator in the use of alumina: The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to alumina. Literally, not figuratively. For over 30 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for separation technologies.
  • DAI is the only company that can customize alumina for a specific application
  • Superior quality: DAI’s alumina is superior quality to anything in the marketplace.
  • Greater capacity and effectiveness
  • Offers widest range and more types of alumina products: Dynamic Adsorbents is the only company offering a full range of alumina products that can handle a much wider range of applications. DAI offers the largest number of pore sizes and more quantity options than anyone in the industry.
  • Widest range of applications: DAI’s alumina can be used for pharmaceutical, industrial, biohazard, bioterrorism, research, toxic waste, environmental cleanup, gas and liquid dehydration applications. They can be used to remove: PCBs, insecticides, radioactive contamination, lead, toxic waste, heavy metals, colors or dyes, and chemical pyrogens
  • Unique but trend setting in establishing the manufacturing criteria in alumina grading
  • Controls the full manufacturing process

Unique DrysphereTM Product: Optimizes dessicant performance and dehydrates gas or liquid in a way that no other product can offer.

DAI Silica Gel Advantages

  • Highest Quality: Highest quality silica gel in the industry
  • Detailed product quality analysis: When it comes to silica gel, only vendor in the industry performing a detailed analysis on each lot of silica gel provided to the customer.

What Are the Advantages of Alumina over Silica Gel?

Dynamic Adsorbents is the industry leader in the use of alumina for adsorption chromatography. While also selling a comprehensive line of silica gel products that are the highest quality in the industry and unique in providing customers with a detailed analysis from each lot of silica gel provided the customer, we recommend the use of since according to "August 2003 New Horizons and Challenges in Fundamental Analysis and Monitoring" (see bottom of page), Alumina is the most effective adsorbent used for this purpose.

Silica, along with 3 metal oxides (alumina, titanium and zirconia), are all used in the stationary phase of adsorption chromatography.

Attributes of silica include the following:

  • High sample loading
  • Fewer unwanted reactions during separation
  • Wide range of chromatographic forms of silica – wide range of surface areas and average pore diameters
  • The hydroxyl group in silica is attached to silicon – hydroxyl groups are either free or hydrogen bonded
  • The silicas used are amorphous – terms gels

While silica has a higher sample load, there are several limitations in the use of silica:

  • The silica backbone Si – 0 – Si hydrolyzes at pH . 8
  • Silica hydrolyzes at temperatures greater than 40 degrees C
  • Silica hydrolyzes in the presence of phosphate and carbonate ions
  • Silica is soluble in aqueous/organic media in even slightly alkaline media at even moderately elevated temperatures
  • The siiloxane bond is unstable at pH < 4.5 and becomes even more unstable the lower the pH

The Alumina advantage

Alumina has several advantages over silica gel and the other metal oxides.

Chromatographic alumina is gamma alumina with 2 specific adsorption sites: acidic, basic, and electron acceptor sites. The adsorption sites are exposed aluminum atoms, strained Ai-O bonds or cationic sites. They are in a crystalline form – either alpha, gamma states or in an amorphous state, has a pH stability ranging from pH 3 to pH 13, with great stability across the entire pH range higher thermal stability than silica.

Alumina advantages include the following.

  • Due to its low pHpzc, silica allows only for a cation exchange while metal oxides such as alumina behave as amphoroteric ion exchangers: they can be cation or anion exchanges depending on pH. Of all the metal oxides, alumina performs the best in this role as an amphoroteric ion exchanger.
  • Alumina has Lewis acid sites that are responsible for ligand exchange ability
  • Alumina offers much higher values of pHpzc: i.e. at neutral pH the surface of alumina does not have a negative charge and this will not interact with charged bases via electrostatic interactions
  • There is a strong affinity of alumina for phosphates and carboxylates
  • Alumina has a strong affinity for halides – for example, it is able to elute excess concentrations of fluoride from drinking water, leading to enhanced column packing stability.

For more information, download the following article from Center of Excellence Environmental Analysis and Monitoring, August 2003 New Horizons and Challenges in Fundamental Analysis and Monitoring.

Alumina Offers Several Advantages Over Other PCB Removal Methods

Dynamic Adsorbents Inc. (DAI) has formulated a specialty proprietary adsorbent (Alumina C) allowing PCBs to be removed safely from contaminated sites. Alumina C is a chemically and physically modified form of alumina with highly favorable properties for the collection and isolation of PCBs. Using industrial size batch chromatography, PCB contaminated soil and other environmental waste is passed through columns packed with Alumina C. PCBs are separated out through the adsorption process which occurs when PCBs come into contact with Alumina C. The captured PCBs remain in the column attached to the alumina. This bonded material then contains virtually all of the PCB material and the alumina bonded adsorbent may be disposed of using appropriate destruction technology. The use of this potent adsorbent serves as an efficient means to gather PCBs in one location, subsequently aiding destruction technologies which may subsequently be used to dechlorinate these hazardous aromatic compounds.

Using Alumina C for PCB removal had been demonstrated to be advantageous. Batch chromatographic purification systems are transportable and are taken directly to the contaminated sites in need of clean-up. Using this technique there is no need to build a physical plant eliminating high operating costs. Energy requirements are low, with no high pressure or high temperatures being utilized. PCBs collected (eluted) and bound to Alumina C are gathered in one location and then safely carried to their final disposal site. While chromatography uses batch processing rather than continuous in-line processing this technique is proving to provide superior separation capabilities.

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